PURE Candles Discount Official Announcement!

To all that have been eagerly awaiting our post about the PURE line discount, we are here to put your minds at ease! Below are the fragrances that we will be discounting, and remember EVERYTHING MUST GO. We are selling all of the candles in bulk orders at up to 50% off! These are great gifts for teachers, family members, holiday gift exchanges and much more! For more information please visit our website, or feel free to contact us!
                                                           Savannah Moss & Balsam
                                                           Willow Blossom
                                                           Japanese Cherry Blossom
                                                           Cedar & Saffron
                                                           Sandalwood Vanilla
                                                           Summer Sage
                                                           Caribbean Escape
                                                           Cinnamon Sauna
                                                           Mandarin Persimmon

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