Sydney Candles are Available for Wholesale.

Candles are a simple and popular gift. Their wide appeal makes them a great point-of-purchase item.

They are ideal for:

Gift Shops

Antique Shops

Flower Shops

Garden Shops

Fruit Markets

Health Food Stores

Coffee Shops

Sydney Candles are Available for Wholesale.

Please call us at 330-638-2336 office or 330-307-4775 direct. For Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky, please call Tom Webb, Marketing Director, Webb & Assoc. at: 800-448-8257

New! – You can now apply for a wholesale account online! After filling out our account application (Click here), we’ll give you a call to discuss our account terms. If your application is approved, we’ll notify you instantly and you can begin shopping immediately. If you have any questions, please contact us.