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Wholesale Case Kits

Please allow each Wholesale Case Kit a few moments to load.  Our Case Kit system uses complex software to help you easily fill your cases.  Thank you!

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Signature Scents

Our signature line of candles encompasses our best sellers of all time and the warm fragrances which was the genesis of our humble beginnings…blended vanillas, warm apples, creamy desserts laced with cinnamon and more!

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Butterscotch and bourbon is absolutely the best! Love it so I ordered another 4 packages of melts plus their lemon pound cake. It smells divine!

Stacie White


Love Sydney Candle Co.! They are my go to candle. Almond Danish is my fall/winter favorite and Iced Lemon Poundcake is perfect for summer.

Julie M


These are the best! I love candles and have tried so many brands and really like Bath and Body works, UNTIL I tried Sydney candles I truly love the smells and how strong they are, they last a while too. These are the only candles I will buy for now on!

Tracy Borak


I purchase some candles and wax melts from this company not to long ago. There was a mix up in what was shipped and I received all wax melts instead of some candles. I reached out to the company and they replied almost immediately. By the next day my replacement items were shipped and I received them next day! They were so prompt and willing to take the situation correct. This is a great company and to make it better the scents smell great to!

Sarae Griffin


They are wonderful long-lasting scents. The wax burns completely with no waste which often happens with other candles. I give them as presents & all recipients love them!

Kathy Nicula


I love Sydney Candles! They burn clean and last so long! This company produces the ultimate candle and I wouldn't use any other. Love the scents. Thank you Sydney Candle Company

Elaine Brady


Wine Scents & Specialty Scents

Celebrating the finest wines, full-bodied blends of ripe red and white grapes picked from countryside vineyards define these candles. They are packed with distinctive and powerful layers of fruit, spices and herbs.

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About Us

Welcome to Sydney Candle Company!

Sydney Candle Company is a family business based in Cortland, Ohio. We are dedicated to creating premium, hand-crafted, pure soy candles.

At Sydney Candle, we take great pride and care in the making of our products, and each candle is hand-poured to ensure a unique and individual look.

Superior quality and performance with a fragrance that is unmatched.

Pure soy candles burn at a lower temperature than traditional paraffin wax allowing for a longer burn time. And when it comes to fragrance, Sydney Candles are unmatched! Why? Because we only use high quality fragrances that have been tested to blend well with our wax. We also infuse each candle with the maximum allowable fragrance oil resulting in the superior aroma of our product.

Our wicks are constructed of 100% cotton, keeping them free of lead, zinc or any other type of alloy metal.

For quality craftsmanship and superior performance, make Sydney Candles your candles of choice.