Where Do You Ship?

We ship to all 50 states in the USA. No international orders.

What if my wick goes down into the wax and I can't light it?

Our wicks are considered “high temperature” wicks which means they can withstand high temps for up to 3-5 hrs. and still stand tall. However, if the candle is left burning for longer than 3-5 hours at a time WITHOUT trimming the wick to 1/4in, then the wick will produce a large circular “head” on the top. At that point it may become top heavy and possibly bend over into the melted wax. IF this happens, a little care will correct it.

  1. Gently use a spoon and scrape all the wax around the wick and the entire diameter of the jar to allow the wick to become visible again. You will be removing approx. 1/4-1/2in of wax around the entire diameter.
  2. Gently clip the wick at the bend where it bent over to make it be 1/4in above the wax. Basically, you will be recreating the look of a brand new candle by removing enough wax to allow the wick to be 1/4in above the wax line.
  3. Take the removed wax and place it in a wax melter so as not to waste it by discarding.
  4. Relight your candle.
Why do Sydney Candles smell so amazing, with such a great fragrance?

Sydney Candle is a family-owned business, desiring to make the very best product we can. We committed at the inception of our company that we would bring popular yet incredible scents, wax and final product to the market. Therefore, when we consider fragrance oils, we are certain to choose top shelf, quality oils which blend well in our soy wax AND smell very strong when burning. We use the exact same percentage of fragrance in each batch, some are naturally stronger than others (based on chemical composition), but we absolutely do not skimp on fragrance oil!

How often should I trim my wick, and how far down should I trim it?

Trim the wick every 3-5 hours of burn time. This is noted on the bottom of your candle. It should be trimmed to approx. 1/4 in and then relight. It will keep the wick burning clean and eliminate any carbon which may emit from a wick that is too long. Trimming also eliminates the chances of the wick falling into the wax. See top question and answer if this occurs.

What does "soy based", "soy blend" or "vegetable blend" mean?

Basically that manufacturer is mentioning the addition of another wax along with soy, therefore the candle is not PURE SOY, but a blended wax.

Sydney Candles are 100% PURE SOY WAX.

Are Sydney Candles made of pure soy wax, and if so, why don't you offer other types of candles like tapers, pillars, etc...?

YES. Soy candle wax is naturally a “soft” wax with a low temperature melting point, therefore requiring a container to hold. Sydney Candles are made solely of soy wax and contained in jars as they seem to be the best container for holding the temperatures the burning wick may produce. Pillar candles, tapers and other forms of candles without containers will require another wax or additive to allow the candle to be harder than pure soy. We cannot offer these items as we do not mix our soy wax with any other wax.

Why are soy candles so popular?

Soy wax has been examined for many years and tested to be the best wax for candle use as it is toxin-free, biodegradable, clean burning and Sydney Candles are Highly Fragranced. It has been determined through research that paraffin wax contains 11 known toxins, with at least one being a carcinogen (a cancer causing agent)…that being Toluene. Paraffin wax comes from the bottom of a barrel of oil. It is a white or colorless soft solid derivable from petroleum, coal or oil shale, that consists of a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules. On the other hand, soy wax burns cleaner, slower and is the better alternative to traditional paraffin candles.

Why don't I seem to be able to smell my candle after a few hours?

Our noses may play tricks on us and actually become desensitized to fragrances after a period of time. Every person is different and fragrance can be extremely subjective. Our suggestion is that you walk out of your home for a few minutes or take a drive. When you return, you will be certain to smell the beautiful aroma your Sydney Candle has made.

Are Sydney Candles safe?

Yes, they are. Our candles are all clean burning and made from natural soy wax with only the most premium ingredients. All soy goes through a process to create the wax. Unlike other chemically filled processes that other waxes use, ours is 100% natural! The difference is in the emulsifiers in which the process uses. Ours are 100% natural with zero synthetic ingredients unlike other wax types. If you follow the instructions above, you can ensure they burn safely as well.

How much is shipping?

It’s free with a minimum order of $100.00! Orders under $100.00 will have a flat shipping charge of $9.99.

Are Sydney Candles Made in the USA?

Yes they are. All of our handcrafted candles are manufactured at our facility in Cortland, Ohio.

Refund Policy

If you’d like to return your order, please contact us via our contact page A member from our team will be in touch with you on the following business day (Mon-Fri) between the hours of 10am-3pm. They will assist you in completing the return process. Shipping costs will not be refunded. Photos and/or videos may be required upon refund request. 

Every return/refund is individual and will be assessed by our team upon contact. Refunds are processed within 10 business days of return confirmation from our team. The refunded amount does not include processing fees ($2) or shipping costs. (Ex. Your order comes to $25 with a $2 processing fee. A refund request is accepted. The amount refunded would come to $23).

Returns/refunds are accepted due to the disliking of a scent if the product has not been used. Sydney Candle Co. will not cover shipping costs to return the item(s). Once the item(s) are received, a refund will be initiated.

If you feel as if you cannot smell your candle, the product may be returned for testing. Sydney Candle Co. will not cover shipping costs to return the item(s). Once the product is received, a refund will be initiated. Photos will be required before beginning the return process. If your candle is burned below the burn line, a return/refund will not be accepted (see pictures below). Photos will be required upon return request.


If your items are damaged upon arrival, a photo will be required of the damaged items. If a photo is not provided, we will be unable to issue a refund.

What If My Order Is Returned Back To Sender?

If your order is returned to us, we will contact you immediately via email and/or phone. There will be a 3 day period in which we will hold your order until we hear back. If we do not hear back after 3 days, your order will be refunded minus the $2 processing fee and shipping charges. The same process will apply if our shipping provider is unable to verify your address.