We've rebuilt our site!

We've rebuilt our site!

We've completely redone our entire website to better serve you!  Our new site is responsive, secure, modern and fast.  We now offer not only retail shopping but wholesale shopping too!  Everything should work as intended but if you run into any issues or snags, please let us know.

Main Improvements:

  • Our website is now hosted on super fast SSD servers.

  • We now have a fully secure website with an SSL certificate.

  • We now take PayPal and Stripe credit card payments.  Both are ultra secure payment options and we don't store any of your information or card details ourselves.

  • We now offer both retail and wholesale shopping.  Retail accounts have the same signup process as usual but if you'd like a wholesale account, please fill out our Wholesale Account Application (click here).

  • Our website is fully responsive.  This means it should work well on all computers, phones, tablets and devices.

  • Our new shopping cart system is much more customizable.  This means we'll be able to bring you new features and functions that weren't possible before.

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