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Sydney Candle Co.

Gram's Bake Shop Bundle

Gram's Bake Shop Bundle

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You just walked into a bakery and these scents hit your nose. Warm oatmeal cookies, sweet blackberry cobblers, and savory almond danishes. You feel like you're back in grandma's kitchen.

Bundle and save!

Large Candle = 15.5 oz. / Medium Candle = 7.5 oz

    • 100% Pure Soy – Pure soy candles burn at a lower temperature than traditional paraffin wax allowing for a longer burn time.

    • Made In The USA – Handcrafted in Cortland, Ohio. For quality craftsmanship and superior performance, make Sydney Candles your candles of choice.

  • Our wicks are constructed of 100% cotton, keeping them free of lead, zinc or any other type of alloy metal.
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